Whether it's building an MVP or your first release, we'll help get your startup off the ground.


We'll work with your team and your code to design and build the solutions you need.


We can perform audits, pen testing, and even security training for your team.


We can provide executive-level technology leadership to give your company a solid footing.

HeavySet is not a typical development shop. Our team has a deep technical background and long history of building robust platforms. We've launched startups, worked with Fortune 500 companies, and provided secure infrastructure for US presidential campaigns. We have designed and delivered everything from boutique websites, to secure financial services, to globally distributed systems processing billions of transactions a day.

We strive to understand all aspects of our client's needs and provide the most appropriate solutions to meet them. If having a person perform a task manually rather than writing software to solve the problem provides better business value, that's what we'll suggest. If we discover a hitherto-unknown business problem we think you should solve with software for the best long-term value, we'll make our best argument for writing more code. And if we think your problem is best solved with an off-the-shelf solution, we'll be happy to help identify the right vendors.

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